Project Budget Super Stocker, Part IV
Paint and Engine Work Underway!

by Matt Zapp
Photos by Michael Beard, Matt Zapp, and Mike Brown

The team at Duck Tape Racing is rounding third base and heading home on the Budget Super Stock S-10 project truck. To date, nearly every part is in the shop or on the truck.

Mike Brown along with brother Bob Brown and the rest of the crew at Cruisin' Cool custom paint love to work with black, and love flames.  Staging Light Graphics cut the flame paint mask per Mike's design.


The entire body of the truck has received yet another makeover. With the help of master painter Mike Brown, a hot new look will adorn the exterior of the once plain ’95 S-10 shell. Mike and his brother Bob sanded the body down and applied a custom paint scheme of Pearl White on the lower two-thirds, GM Black on the top and a red dancing flame separating the two-tone.

Black vehicles are Mike Brown’s specialty. Although his fulltime job is custom paint application on $500,000 Rolls Royce restoration vehicles, Mike is locally known for his hot rod work and racecar paint schemes.

"I love painting cars, especially when they are black. It shows when a painter takes the right amount of time and attention with a black car. I also enjoy applying custom flame patterns and designs to my work," explained Brown. "Our true passion centers on drag racing and the customers it produces."

With 15-years of professional paint experience, Mike Brown has designed and applied a clean look to the Super Stock S-10. The overall paint theme allows for the proper exposure of high profile sponsor support without being dull.

If you are interested in contacting Mike about a project you are completing, call him direct at 440-415-2029, or e-mail [email protected]

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Mike Hupertz at Hupertz Racing Engines is the master of performance, utilizing the Holley, Lunati, Pro-Gram, Harland Sharp, Wiseco and Comp Cams components to put together one bad small block.


Since the truck is virtually ready to go, it was time to visit Hupertz Racing Engines in Painesville, Ohio to check on our power-plant progress. The brand new Lunati NASCAR crankshaft, Lunati 5.7" rod and trick 10:1 piston are getting balanced. The Hinzs Computer Balancer will get everything within tolerance so that our 350" small block will be able to withstand 9500 RPM en route to a class win in Super Stock.

"This project is really intense. Our combination is not your ordinary bracket motor or circle track 350. The Comp Cam selection provided to us by Tim Cole is radical. With over a 730 lift, the spring and valve selection was crucial," said Mike Hupertz. "The solid parts in this engine will help make it live quite a while even though it will be on the performance edge."

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Pro-Gram Engineering supplied the steel main caps to keep the bottom end together. 


Helping to keep the bottom end together on this engine are replacement steel main caps. Our vendor of choice is Ken Anderson of Pro-Gram Engineering. Anderson is a quality professional that specializes in main caps. His Christian based company is located in Barberton, Ohio. Check out Anderson’s company site at or call him at 330-745-1004.

When our team decided to select crucial hard parts like the crankshaft and connecting rods, we turned to Holley Performance Products. Within the professional Holley family is an A-list of product providers including Lunati, Earl’s, Weiand, NOS, Hooker and Flow Tech. Our bottom end on the 350" SBC is all Lunati.

Wrapping up the Super Stock project including feeding this small block the fuel it needed. Getting this job done can be a daunting task. But the full line of items from Earl’s helped make the plumbing project a breeze. From the fuel cell fittings to the regulator, all of the items can be purchased from Earl’s.

Holley helped make the S-10 project a reality, from front to back, with Lunati crank and rods, Holley fuel pump, regulator, race batteries and hold downs, Earl's fittings 


Fuel line is often a concern for many racers. We chose to take the high ground and use Pro-Lite 350 hose. This lightweight nylon hose can take up to 350 PSI and very easy to use. From the front of the truck to the rear, it is outfitted with the number 8 Pro-Lite hose and the black anodized AN style fittings.

The fuel pump we are using is a 250 GPH Dominator electric pump. The pump is conveniently mounted in the truck bed and easy to access if ever it needed serviced. Regulating the pressure up front to our John Kyle-built APD Quadrajet is a Holley High Performance billet regulator.

Now that we have our stout little small block going together and the fuel system complete, we needed juice. Juice in the form of 12-volt power. To get the battery situation handled, we again accessed for the answers. The Holley 880-110 is a perfect fit for nearly any 12-volt race application. Featuring AGM (absorbed glass mat) technology these Holley Race Batteries contain a dense filling of absorbent micro fibrous silica glass matting that's packed tightly between the battery's positive and negative plates.

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It takes a family to make the world go round.  K&N breathers will round out the clean, sharp Holley valve covers, and Loctite's line of threadlockers and sealants will aid in engine assembly. 


The battery plates are saturated with acid electrolyte in the factory. Sealed, positive pressure relief valves within the battery redirect excessive hydrogen and oxygen vapors in the micro fibrous glass mat. The vapors are reclaimed as liquid there and re–utilized, making it unnecessary to ever have to replenish the cells' electrolyte level.

The dense mat filling provides superior plate support and greater shock and vibration protection than conventional batteries. This dense packing also offers a lower internal resistance, allowing the Holley Race Battery to recharge faster, discharge longer and generate greater starting power than other batteries. Since an alternator is not an option on this project, longer battery life is a must during the anticipated late rounds on IHRA national event competition.

With the batteries selected, we also needed to safely secure them to the truck. A premium quality, high tech battery like the Holley demands an equally capable battery hold-down fixture to keep everything in place. The Holley Battery Hold-Down is crafted from 6061-T6 aircraft-quality aluminum and designed to look good while doing a great job.

Comp Cams valve springs and pushrods will mate with Harland Sharp rockers on the Brian Nutter -prepped cylinder heads. 


It is a fact that wiring on a racecar is less complicated than the modern street car, but it still takes a solid trick or two to make a 10-second car functional. The experienced craftsmen at Jason Davis Racecars were once again asked to help out.

If you recall, Davis and team back-halfed the truck in late fall ’04. Now the S-10 is returning to Davis’ Madison, Ohio -based shop to have the wiring panel, MSD 6-AL, coil and all of the power wires installed. A normal wiring project will take about a one-week turn around cost approximately $500. For more information visit or call the guys at 440-417-0071.

Torco's powerful Mach 110 race fuel powers Team Duck Tape's winning Stock, Super Stock, and Hot Rod cars. 


Stay tuned to Torco’s as we intend to dyno test the motor and get the truck running for the next installment of our Budget Super Stock Build-up.   

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We can't wait to get the S-10 out on the track, so a little Photoshop work will have to round out the look while we enter the final stages of assembly!


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