With the proliferation on high dollar bracket racing today, most of the events are centered around one class of racer, those of the Super Pro configuration where electronics play an important role. However, Jared Pennington and Steve Stites haven’t forgotten their roots. Together, they formed Coalburg Racing Promotions 13 years ago and have promoted both the BTE World Footbrake Challenge and the BTE Southern Footbrake Challenge held in Bristol, Tennessee and Holly Springs, Mississippi respectively. Both events highlight the footbrake crowd, those who survive by leaving off the bottom bulb of the ‘Tree by swapping feet, releasing the brake pedal and stepping on the gas.

“We’re both old footbrake racers and friends, having always felt like those racers deserve to run for big money just like the Super Pro cars,” said Pennington.

Since that first event 13 years ago, Coalburg Racing Promotions has brought the footbrake crowd into the limelight, offering them the chance to win big money with a relatively small investment in an entry fee. This year’s event, to be held July 4th through the 7th, is shaping up to be the largest WFC in its history. The group’s pre-entry program offers racers a chance for a discounted entry fee and as of today, are already ahead in entries from where they’ve ever been in the past. That just shows the interest footbrake racers have in attending a well-run event where they are the top of the food chain. The chance to enter at a discounted price is in effect until June 28th, so there is still time to get in on one of the biggest footbrake events of the year.

“Our pre-entry program has worked for years,” said Pennington, “and we have a simple refund policy. Should a racer not be able to attend for whatever reason, he or she is immediately refunded their entry fee in full, no questions asked. It’s a policy we’ve had since the very beginning and one we’re very proud of, one which racers have placed their trust in us, and one we would never disappoint them. Being fair to our customers has enabled us to build the type of event they enjoy and one we’re proud to promote.”

In addition to the actual purse which is 100-percent guaranteed and begins paying out with only a second round win, thousands of dollars in prizes are randomly awarded throughout the weekend thanks to dozens of sponsors who support the sport feverishly. “In addition to each and every sponsor, we’re extremely honored to have BTE Racing as the title sponsor of our events since day one,” added Pennington. “Also this year, Lopez Motorsports will sponsor each of the main event day’s racing.”