Scott Palmer loves driving his Magic Dry Organic Absorbent Top Fuel Dragster, and because of this, he's as hands-on with his dragster as one can get.

Palmer's love transcends driving in competition because he's a huge fan of the sport. This is why he cannot wait to see what this weekend's cooler temperatures will inspire at Wild Horse Motorsports Park, host to this weekend's Magic Dry NHRA Arizona Nationals.

"With the cooler conditions setting up the way they are going to be this weekend, everybody is going to be super-fast," Palmer said. "If we are lucky it's going to be a high of maybe 60 degrees so it's going to make for a very stout and tight racetrack. There will be a lot of career-bests set this weekend, for sure.

"It'll be one of those deals where the track is going to take anything you throw at it. Racing will be crazy because if what you throw at it sticks, anybody can beat anyone else. It's tough enough as it is, but these cooler conditions are going to make it even tougher. I'll tell you, if I wasn't racing myself I'd be buying a ticket for this one."

This is the first race sponsored by Magic Dry Organic Absorbent, another product of Tommy Thompson, who has supported Palmer for the last three years, most recently with CatSpot Organic Cat Litter. Already a crowd favorite with his old-school throttle whack during warmups, Palmer will enjoy even more support from a large base of employees from Midwest Organics, the parent company of Magic Dry and CatSpot.

"There is enough pressure as it is but when Magic Dry is the title sponsor, you want to step up even more and do good for all the people that stand behind you," Palmer said. "It won't be easy. The quality of cars out here is pretty stout right now. We're seeing one of the toughest fields in history. Everybody out here is fast. You can't overlook anyone.

"We have a car capable of running big numbers. We will just see what it takes to win this race this weekend. We have two crew people who have never been on a race team and two from other teams and everybody just worked together so well. The car is great, the crew is great, and we've got a lot of excitement around our team. I'm happy."