Six days after capturing his 150th win in a Funny Car, John Force was busier then a bumblebee shaking hands, signing autographs, taking pictures and accepting accolades at Summit Motorsports Park just outside of Norwalk, Ohio.

He also took a few minutes to apologize to Ron Capps for the post-race lip-to-lip kiss.

“I don't know why I did it,” Force said.

“Ir wasn't that good,” admitted Capps with a genuine smile on his face.

All should know Capps, nor his crew gave the win to Force.

“We checked everything in the car and found nothing wrong,” Capps explained. “We had the same set up as we ran in the semi-final run. We did try to get another couple of hundredths of a seconds in the speed. John and I were fairly equal on the start. At about the halfway mark I could see John getting past us and I could feel we just weren't going to be fast enough.

“Trust me, I did not want to lose.”

Accept the apology and the explanation and then think back almost 25 years and visualize a young Ron Capps, a rookie in NHRA Top Fuel wanting to be just like John Force. Capps went so far as obtaining a John Force poster and getting Force to autograph the piece. A piece which still hangs in Capps' home.