It’s been a while since Brian Prins drag raced; however, it hasn’t been a long since he’s helped a friend or two at the drag races. In those visits, one thing has remained constant. Pit mats are still a heavy, filthy and aggravating necessity to deal with. 

Prins said the experience finally got to the point where he wanted to build a better mousetrap, thus leading to the creation of the Stealth Mat. 

“Being involved in racing for almost 40 years and being a racer, I couldn’t stand the pit mats I had to deal with every year,” Prins explained. “it didn’t take long for me to determine they were a heavy piece of trash that lost their value after just a few races. That’s not to mention the burden of loading and unloading.”

Prins believed the best way to build a better mousetrap was first in redesigning what the pit mats were made of. 

The Stealth Pit Mat, marketed and distributed by, is made of a carbon mesh material which is a third of the weight of today’s more popular versions. The mesh design enables, according to Prins, better fluid drainage and as he puts it, “Dirt just rolls off of it.”

“The first thing you notice is the weight, as drag racers, we want everything lightweight,” Prins Continued. “Our 12 X 30 only weighs 21 pounds. That’s a third of the weight of the traditional mats.

“These have been built to solve some of the problems you see in the market today,” Prins said. “The average pit mat is a 22-ounce, made of vinyl. The problem is they are prone to hold water and hold dirt when the sun hits it in the hot summer months. They get very soft from sun exposure. It becomes brittle.”

Prins said the Stealth Mat has fixed these flaws. 

“The material we use is much more durable than the traditional pit mat,” Prins explained. “Our material is at least five times stronger than the standard 22-ounce version. Being that it weighs a third of the weight, and is five times stronger it’s quickly going to make it an easy choice in the purchase of pit mats.”

‘We have a one-year limited warranty with our product.”

The Stealth Mat can be purchased through and comes in two sizes. The 12 X 20 version retails for $249 while the 12 X 30 is $299.

As a bonus, Prins adds, there are options for customizing the mats including branding. He added there are opportunities for wholesale distribution. 

‘They are all made in the USA, in Pennsylvania,” Prins said. “Made for racers, by racers and in the United States, where racing is king.”