The “Clutch Kings” of top fuel and funny car drag racing, Boninfante Friction, have taken their manufacturing expertise and applied it to the automatic transmission racing world by developing the absolute best flexplate in existence, with a reasonable price point.

Born out of the need for a bulletproof flexplate in automatic transmission-equipped cars making 5,000 horsepower or more, Boninfante Friction’s one-piece billet flexplates are machined from high-strength steel alloy and track tested in the highest level of door slammer drag racing.

“We picked the best material in the real-world price range and applied the best processing to it. The prototype was raced for two seasons with no cracking, no hole deformation, no surface deformation, and is still running in the car today” said Rob Boninfante, president of Boninfante Friction.

Boninfante Friction uses the same materials and manufacturing processes for all of its products to create a diverse and safe range of applications for maximum effort Pro Mods and Street/Strip hot rods alike. The MEGAFLEX series, starting at $845.00 USD, was custom-designed for full-tilt door slammers and features design elements to withstand extreme horsepower and torque. The SUPERFLEX series, starting at $386.00 USD, is the more affordable, detuned, option for the everyday racer.

Both the MEGAFLEX and SUPERFLEX are made to Boninfante’s precise, unrivaled quality and safety standards and feature the following:

One-piece design with integral ring gear
Specially selected aerospace grade alloy steel from USA steel mills
Proprietary 3-stage heat treating process
Hard machined to exacting tolerances (.002 TIR)
Boninfante’s proprietary stress proofing and finishing process
Finished in a beautiful black oxide
Tested to 20,000 RPM which exceeds SFI safety standard 29.2

Boninfante’s one-piece billet flexplates are designed and manufactured in the USA by the same designers that work on 10,000 horsepower Nitro cars. Throughout the manufacturing process, a percentage of production parts are spin tested on the same equipment Boninfante uses to certify top fuel clutches for the NHRA SFI ratings. Boninfante Friction consistently sets itself apart from the rest of the industry in product quality and customer value.

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