Unlike most powerplants, the LS engine’s factory oil filter mounting location is integrated into the engine's oil pan. Unfortunately, many of the most popular LS engine swap oil pans being used today do not provide provisions for mounting an oil filter. This means you’ll need to relocate your engine oil filter if you’re installing the LS into a classic muscle car or truck using an aftermarket steel or fabricated aluminum oil pan.

Trans-Dapt Performance Products, has a long history of providing quality products to perform engine swaps, and has a solution to eliminate this hurdle. Trans-Dapt is proud to introduce a new dual capacity, remote double oil filter relocation kit (Part #1016), specifically designed to meet this special requirement. The system allows you to mount your oil filter system just about anywhere you have space. Whether you’ve got an LS pan with top mounted AN-10 fittings or with the oil ports on the side, Trans-Dapt's LS swap relocation kit includes -10AN fittings that will plumb right up to the pan. Made In The USA, these kits include a remote base (single or dual), a pair of 90º -10AN fittings, 1/2" NPT fittings for the filter base, a pair of ½ inch hoses, and filter nipples. Basically, everything you’ll need to integrate your aftermarket pan into the vehicle’s LS oiling system. Single filter kits with side or top mount oil line ports are also available for mild LS builds, or where very limited space is available.

For more information about Trans-Dapt’s special LS engine swap filter relocation systems, please call (562) 921-0404 or visit www.hedman.com/oil-filter-relocation-kits.