John Force is a bit tired and weary from filming a television show on A&E as well as an unpublicized battle with animal activists for dropping the family’s cat two-feet to the ground on the television show.

“I was on a plane and I was dead tired, and the guy next to me said he watched my show on A&E,” Force said. “The guy reminded me about dropping the cat and I cut him off. I said you can drop a cat 40 feet and it will land on its feet. I only dropped it two feet and got a ton of letters from the animal activists. A&E was event looking at pulling the scene from the re-runs.”

Force should have stopped when he was ahead.

“I was reading the newspaper where they had the headline BP/CASTROL pipeline breaks,” Force said. “They admitted they had a maintenance problem and they were running pigs through the pipes to the other end.

“I said…can you believe that s#$%? I drop a cat two feet and I get in all kinds of trouble and they can run a pig 3,000 miles through a pipeline and no one bitches? When we were getting off of the plane, the guy asked if I was kidding. I said…NO…right there in the headlines. There it is.

Technically speaking, the “smart pig” is an electronic drone that BP runs through the line and not a four-legged creature.

“My brain just wasn’t working and that was up there in Alaska, and I figured no one wanted to crawl through 3,000 feet of pipe so they’d put a pig in there and if it came out the other end…nothing was plugging it up.

“I was standing with my boss and I brought the subject up. He looked at me and said, ‘Force that’s an electronic pig that takes pictures and stuff. Then I felt dumb.

“I looked over at [crewchief Austin] Coil and he was just dying laughing. I let him know I just was just tired. Who knows? When you think about it, they probably did use real pigs in the old day. After all, we do use a roto rooter through our toilets.”

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