I am writing with the hope that you will be able to help.  As you may know the NHRA has announced that they will implement a “playoff” system for their points this year.  There is a large and growing group of fans that is strongly against such a system.  An online petition has been started at


The goal is to gather enough signatures which will then be delivered to NHRA as well as to Powerade.  We hope that this will impress upon them the passion of the fans and our dislike of the playoff.  We hope that they will listen and reverse this unwise decision.


In brief, some complaints against the proposed system are:


-Every National event is a playoff by design.  It is a true win or go home scenario.


-In a true playoff, non playoff teams do not compete at the same time and against playoff teams.


-Nascar has had a similar system with less then stellar results.  After an initial surge the first season, their TV ratings have dropped, especially during their playoff races.  NHRA can not survive that type of ratings decline.


-This season saw the most amazing comeback ever in Top Fuel Dragster.  Last season we saw a 3-way battle for Funny Car.  Part of what makes these events so memorable is that they are special.  To create a welfare points system with forced drama and fake excitement takes away from the sport.  If every year comes down to the same thing then it loses any meaning and feeling.


-Fans want to know that their championships are real and earned throughout a season long effort.  Under the new system a racer who has a few good races at the end of the season could win a championship.  This season going into the US Nationals, which will start next year’s countdown, the 8th place driver in 3 out of the 4 pro classes had a losing round record.  Under the new system they will be eligible to run for a championship.


-Currently the entire season means something, every race, every round, every qualifying position.  Under the new system, with losing records being able to get in, only the last 6 races mean anything now. 


It is my hope that you will help spread the word.  I have been able to access message boards as a way to get the word out however I need help getting this to a larger audience who can help make a difference. 


Thank you

PJ Sapienza