Renowned Pro Stock clutch specialist Terry Adams has been hired to work with Warren Johnson's GM Performance Parts Pontiac GTO and son Kurt Johnson's ACDelco Chevrolet Cobalt for the upcoming 2007 NHRA POWERade season.

Said Kurt, “Terry is very well respected within the Pro Stock ranks because he has a very good combination for getting cars from A to B. His presence on our team will allow my father to focus on what he does best, creating horsepower and working on the engine tune-up. Dad has already won six NHRA Pro Stock titles, and with the extra latitude that he'll enjoy with having Terry on board, he should be in position to contend for more. I'll be watching what the yellow car [Warren's] does and I'm sure that I can learn a few things from that. I've been doing all the tuning on my car during my 14-year Pro Stock career and have finished second in the standings four times. With the added edge that Terry will bring to our camp, I just might gain the advantage I need to win the championship myself.”

K.J. said that the decision was based largely on the increased manpower requirements that are necessary to compete against today's unprecedented number of high caliber Pro Stock teams.

“For years we've raced on our own, doing everything from engine R&D to race day tune-up. Those days are over, and we need to delegate some of the duties to selected individuals whose talent can add to our overall potential. We aren't just racing for ourselves. We're here to represent ACDelco and Chevrolet, GM Performance Parts and Pontiac in the best manner possible, and this is what we feel is necessary to put us on top. Both my dad and I are very excited about the upcoming NHRA POWERade 2007 season.”