To whom this may concern,
My name is Jon Walters, and I am in search of 8mm home videos of drag racing in the 50's, 60's, and 70's.  This is for a friend of mine that would SINCERELY appreciate them.  He is a HUGE nostalgia drag racing fan, and asked me if I would search for some.
In my search, I came across a Feedback Friday article from 22DEC06 written by Jim Culp where he offers a PS containing "I still have four little reels of 8mm movies I shot at Lions, Fontana, Half Moon Bay and Riverside in the early 60s.  Haven't looked at them in many years, don't know if there is anything worth while, but I'd like them to go to someone who might appreciate them.  Let me know."
Well...I would like to let him know there is someone out there that would cherish those like his children.
I would appreciate it if you could please contact Mr. Culp or provide me with his contact information (with his permission, of course) at:
Jon Walters
Contact CompetitionPlus,.com with your information Jim and we will pass it on to Jon.