Jim Meiser, an icon in the race fuel industry and a close friend to many, succumbed to cancer on Thursday afternoon. Meiser had been a part of the Torco Race Fuels family since 1996.


“He was like a big brother to me,” said Evan Knoll, President of Torco Race Fuels, Inc. “We were able to talk about anything and everything whether it was business or personal business. This is a huge loss to our team. I have lost someone that was instrumental in the growth and success of this company.”


Jim was a teacher and the kind of person that always had the right answer to any question, regardless of the topic.


Torco General Manager Brian Pfeifer talked with Jim almost two years before he ever met him face-to-face.


“When I met him for the first time I was taken aback by his smile and how he could warm up a whole room just with that smile,” Pfeifer said. “Jim had the ability to take a negative and turn it into a positive and passed a lot of that ability to many of us. I’m sure Jim had his days when he wasn’t as happy as he appeared, but he was the type of guy that would put that aside and help somebody else with their problems.”


Jim wasn’t the kind of guy to spread ill will towards his fellow man but wasn’t afraid to testify truthfully on business references. He was often known for his ability to enjoy a good laugh as well as give one.


“We have lost a member of our family and that hurts an awful lot,” Knoll said. “We will move forward, but it is with heavy hearts. My heart goes out to Susan and their children.”


Jim and his wife Susan were an inseparable team. Together they dedicated their lives to building a positive reputation in the race fuel industry.


Susan will remain a part of the Torco Race Fuels team.