In recent years the NHRA and team PR people have worked long and hard to generate exposure for the sport in what’s termed “non-traditional” outlets.  That generally means anything beyond sports-related publications.  The Flexjet Direct division of Bombardier produces a regular 12-page four color newsletter on the company’s jet charter and fractional ownership programs, with the latest issue including a full spread on the Jeg’s Mail Order operation.  The photos accompanying the story include a shot of a Jeg’s Mail Order race car parked next to a Bombardier jet, a shot of the Jeg’s headquarters and face photos of the four Coughlin boys and their father.  From reading the article it appears that the Coughlins get around a lot quicker than we realized.  Kudos to Scott Woodruff for getting the story placed.  We’re also hearing Woodruff scored more publicity for the team in, of all things, a recent issue of Architectural Digest!