You can’t blame Hot Rod Fuller for being overly excited when he repeated as NHRA CSK Nationals Top Fuel champion. After all, in January he wasn’t even sure if he had a ride. Fuller’s Valvoline deal is scheduled for two races and headed into Gainesville, the team is looking for a major deal. 

“We’ll go into Gainesville with the points lead and no major sponsorship,” Fuller said. “We have to go out there and find it because we have a great car and a great team.” Fuller said that he was so uncertain of his plans for 2007 that put his house and car up for sale.

“I am grateful that David Powers has given me this opportunity,” Fuller said. "He’s basically funding this car on his own dime. You can be really wealthy and go drag racing and then it can humble you quickly. If this were to end today, I can walk away with a smile.”

The underlying factor to Fuller’s determination is the quality of the team he’s involved with. 

“I always felt like we had one of the strongest teams out there and then [former crew chief Lee] Beard and my crew went over to form Whit Bazemore’s crew. I had Rob Flynn. I was excited about the new team and I felt just like any sports team it will take time to gel. We just gelled right off the bat.

“I’m very impressed with Rob. If I could buy stock in him, I’d get all I could.”

There was little doubt the two would align after their semifinal match regardless of who won the match, as Fuller went up against new teammate Bazemore. Fuller won, and once the teams returned to the pits, Bazemore’s crew walked next door to Fuller’s team and began the thrash for the next round.