stofferDSA_3643.jpgGatornationals Pro Stock Motorcycle champion Karen Stoffer achieved one of the hardest feats in drag racing by winning the race from the No. 16 qualifying position. What made the victory even more impressive are her three holeshot victories, which included beating the No. 1 qualifier and new national record holder Angelle Sampey in round one. She also strapped a holeshot on runner-up Matt Smith, who was racing a woman for the fourth time in six career final round appearances. Stoffer admitted that qualifying didn't go well.

"The Geico bike was struggling during qualifying but we I had a revelation in the middle of the night with my husband and he was able to put the right tune up in so we could be competitive. So actually it was a full team effort, they gave me the bike and I was able to ride. Starting 16th we certainly didn't expect to be here tonight but you always go out hoping for a win, all you want to do is come out and do your best.

“And when you're racing the best, like Angelle, certainly it brings out your best game and I think that’s what happened. Gary got the bike tuned up and we knew that bike was capable of running sixes and we knew Vance & Hines gave us the power. All I had to do was my job and ride it and that's what we were able to do, and I' very happy about that. I knew we had a competitive bike, we just had to put the whole package together."

While Stoffer wouldn't provide details, she did point out that Gary had a middle of the night premonotion on the tune-up. That, she said, made all the difference in the world.