paulauskis.jpgIn a rain shortened qualifying at the West Coast Hot Rod Association Auto Club Raceway event 2006 PSCA Pro Street World Champion Steve Paulauskis ran another stellar pass to lower the West Coast E.T. mark to 6.33 seconds. Unfortunately the WFO Motorsport team did not get a chance to turn the number into a record when the event was cut short after delayed qualifying and severe weather rolled into the Bakersfield area overnight. Paulauskis was distinctly upbeat, “To run like that at my sponsor’s race is great, Team Transit Mix Inc. had a bunch of customers and employees on hand for an Appreciation Day and I hope we made them proud. Kelly did a great job today he had this thing flying”. Kelly Bluebaugh of WFO Racing and Machine who serves as crew chief on the Team Transit Mix Cavalier continued, “The tune-up for that pass was conservative, it was safer than when we ran the previous West Coast best at Speedworld and I truly did not expect a number like that. It would have been nice to have got another pass and stepped it up, the chances of running a twenty were pretty good.”

The event was called on Sunday morning when the track and WCHRA Series Director Donny Chavez agreed the chances of running the event to conclusion were nil. It was rescheduled to run at the Mid Summer Shootout at Famoso on July 13-15. Paulauskis went on, “The track was great out there yesterday, the Team Transit Mix Cavalier just went right down Broadway, it was so easy it felt slow. We had tested last weekend, we tried a few things but Kelly went back to a tried and true setup and that run proves it works. The car was even at legal PSCA weight which is 50 pounds heavier than the current WCHRA minimum, just so we can compare apples to apples. We have again set the standard for Pro Street on the West Coast. I have to thank Tom Nelson at Team Transit Mix as he is a big part of our success, it would be tough to do this without him.

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