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April 18-22, 2018. Everything will change.

A long four months of contract talks, numerous facility tours, and more - the Holley EFI Outlaw Street Car Reunion has found a new home, a new date and a title sponsor for the first time in its fifth year of existence. The event will now take place at Beech Bend Raceway Park, located in Bowling Green, Ken. 

"As the team took many things into consideration, the racers are always our top priority to keep our event as racer-friendly as possible," said Tyler Crossnoe, event founder, and promoter. "A host of asphalt parking and two sets of staging lanes was a high point of organization and flow for the event in itself. Spaced out parking will allow us to group some classes together in close areas to make the event even more organized than before on the racer standpoint. 

"An amazing track surface awaits you as you roll down the hill out of the staging lanes and into the burnout box - all concrete to the eighth mile and a nice asphalt stretch to finish out the quarter-mile racing surface and into the over 2,000 feet of shutdown area at Kentucky's largest and most prestigious drag racing facility. One thing that is very unique to Beech Bend Raceway Park are the grandstands for the great race fans to enjoy a day and night of racing. 

"At Beech Bend, the grandstands are covered, so you are not sitting in direct sunlight and get to enjoy drag racing in the shade on both sides of the racetrack. Also, the grandstands are much closer to the racing surface, so you get an unbelievable feel when the cars blast down the racetrack that you don't get at many other racetracks across this great country.

Holley EFI will serve as the title rights sponsor of this event. 

"Robin Lawrence and the team at Holley EFI have been making huge strides over the past few years to bring a new product to the market that intrigues racers and teams in the small tire markets," Crossnoe said. "With their studious and dedicated team, Holley EFI is always looking to bring the best product to the market. Numerous teams have already made the swap to Holley EFI, including the world's quickest and fastest leaf spring equipped car, Jason Digby's 'Tooth Jerker' Dodge Dart running in Limited Drag Radial and being piloted by none other than Lyle Barnett. 

"Brad Edwards, Tony Alm and numerous others are putting their best foot forward with their programs, including a Lights Out 8 victory in February for the aforementioned Alm in Ultra Street with his turbocharged Ford Mustang."

The 2018 event will keep a lot of the classes the same as before while seeing new purse structures, new class sponsor layouts and more. 

"We are trying to do our best work over the next nine months to make the fifth edition of this ever-popular event the best yet," Crossnoe explained. "With the new partnership with Holley EFI, we will be bringing in some of the best names in the business to create event flow and production to make OSCR V as organized and smooth as possible. 

"Radial vs. The World will continue to headline the event with an already reformed partnership with Billet Atomizer Racing Injectors on the category that will currently pay $15,000 to the event champion. RVW has long been a fan favorite for all involved, with the elapsed times nearing the 3.6-second range and most cars well over 200 miles per hour in cars weighing in at nearly 3,000 pounds on a tire no wider than a 315 drag radial. 

"X275 Drag Radial returns with a solid partnership with John Sears and X275 Motorsports, dropping a cool $10,000 into the winner's hands at the end of the day. Limited Drag Radial brings an old school, stock appearing style category into the fold for the third consecutive season. LDR has quickly become a fan favorite class with the tight side-by-side racing and the stock appearance factor of race cars rushing down the eighth-mile in 4.2 seconds or faster at over 180 miles per hour. Racecraft, Inc. Ultra Street stacks up along with Kuntz & Company Racing Engines / McCarty Performance MX235 to join the others once again to round out our radial line-up for the fifth running of the Outlaw Street Car Reunion. 

"In 2017, we introduced the Pro Street Motorcycle category to small tire/drag radial fans for the first time and had 25 entries fill the pits to launch one of the strongest PST counts of the 2017 season. For those who do not know, Pro Street Motorcycle is a category with no wheelie bars and on a 'radial style' motorcycle tire - making them a great fit for a drag radial event for style and performance."

"The unofficial PST class record was set in testing last season with a 6.68 elapsed time on the scoreboards at over 220 miles per hour by Rodney Williford kicked the weekend off with a bang and proved that the PST class belongs at the Outlaw Street Car Reunion. In 2018, we are proud to announce they are returning for yet another exciting event, already with committed sponsorship from Great Lakes Racecraft and others expressing strong interest in our program.

"One thing that we strive ourselves on at the Holley EFI Outlaw Street Car Reunion V is our sportsman program. 6.00 Index and 7.00 Index returns to anchor our event and bring in a host of the best sportsman racers across the globe. We stepped outside of the mold in 2017 and performed two events in one weekend with the Thursday Throwdown bonus race that was a huge hit, with over 50 entries in both classes! When the main event rolled around, car count grew even more, and we had over 60 entries in each class for the big race that paid $5,000 to Win. Close to the same program is on tap in 2018 with a few small purse changes to make the payout reach more drivers and continue to strive ourselves to build this event into the Sportsman Super Bowl, year in and year out."

"It has been a pleasure to work with Dallas Jones, Broc Porter and the entire staff at Beech Bend Raceway Park on previous events and with putting this event together over the past few months. With this being the first large radial event at the famed facility, we are very excited to bring this style of racing to the already history filled grounds in Bowling Green, Kentucky." 

For more information on Beech Bend Raceway Park, be sure to visit and like their Facebook page. 

As always, be sure to stay tuned to for all of the major news and announcements coming soon for the ever-popular Holley EFI Outlaw Street Car Reunion V.