Richie Crampton builds race cars at Morgan Lucas Racing and maintains several others, including those of Steve Torrence and Scott Palmer and says he’s “just pretty lucky” to be doing what he loves for a living.

But it’s no secret he’d like to return to his role next year as driver of the SealMaster Dragster at Kalitta Motorsports. Crampton stepped in at Indianapolis in September when Troy Coughlin Jr. opted to return to the sportsman ranks.

And the consensus is that he has done a commendable job in his pinch-hitter function.

“It’s definitely been good for me to get back in the seat,” Crampton said. “Charlotte was good for the SealMaster Toyota guys. We were able to help Doug out. You know, that’s what we’re trying to do, big picture, because obviously I can’t contend for a championship. It’s just been great to get back into the driver’s seat, particularly for the legendary Connie Kalitta.”

Evidently Crampton has not been informed what the team’s plans are for the SealMaster Top Fuel entry or whether they include him.

“They know for sure that I would love to be back driving for this organization, and they’re trying to just figure everything out right now. So I’m trying not to be pushy, but I like my chances at getting to drive here again if there’s enough race cars to go around and all that kind of stuff, you know? So, yeah, pretty excited and really looking forward to driving for Kalitta in 2018 if it all comes together.”

If he had to give his best pitch to Kalitta Motorsports about why they should retain his services, he suggested that he might be a little tongue-tied.

“I don’t know, man. I’m not much of a salesman, particularly when it comes to myself. So, you know, I just hope I can come back and do it again,” Crampton said. “There’s so many people in the world that want to do what I’m now doing, and I’m very lucky to be in the position I’m in. So I’m hoping that they see something in me to keep me around.”

All in all, he has plenty to keep him busy in his adopted home of Brownsburg, Ind.

“That’s what’s been great about finishing up this year is everyone at Lucas, Morgan and everyone I work with, we’re still really busy building race cars and maintaining Steve Torrence’s stuff and Scott Palmer’s and some Alcohol guys. We’ve got a lot of work going on, but they’ve given me the luxury of being able to leave on a Thursday and come to these races and get back to work Monday, Tuesday sometimes. So yeah, it’s been pretty busy for me,” he said. “I haven’t had much time to just relax with my family, because when we’re not racing on weekends, I’m working every day at the shop with the guys and building good race cars.”