Fans of the popular Good Vibrations Bakersfield March Meet can once again tune into the action on track from the comfort of their home or office via a Livestream broadcast starting on Thursday, March 7, and continuing through Sunday's final eliminations.

Mike Dunn, an accomplished drag racer and noted ESPN analyst for ESPN, will return to provide color commentary and the stories as they unfold on the live broadcast.

'I'm really excited to be back as part of this broadcast, and in working with Mark Walter, and even though last year's program was kind of thrown together, it was a lot of fun," Dunn said. "We will have a lot more resources this year to make this an even greater broadcast."

Among those resources will be the ability for live interviews and pit reports.

"We have brought in more equipment and this allows us to make the show better," Dunn added. "It will allow us to tell the stories of the race better, as well as the race itself better."

New to this season's broadcast will be Larry Dixon, who for the first time will call the action at an event he described as one of the more formidable races in his life.

"It takes me back to when I was a kid," Dixon explained. "When my parents had their Top Fuel car, it was never full-time, but the two races that they absolutely went to under no certain circumstances was Indy and the March Meet.

"One, it was the be all end all of events, and two, depending on how you did, it kind of let you know where you stacked up against everybody else in the country. So that was kind of instilled in me from since before I can remember."

Bakersfield's own Jason Galvin rounds out the cast for this year’s March Meet broadcast Galvin was part of the 2018 presentation and will provide interviews with racers from various points of the track, including the staging lanes, the pits as well as the top end.

The 2019 Livestream will cover all four days of the Good Vibrations March Meet, presented by Lucas Oil. Subscribers will be treated to multiple camera angles that will capture all the quarter mile action.

March Meet advance ticket sales, as well as the livestream purchase are now available on the Auto Club Famoso website and at www.TheFOAT.com.