Sunday was not the kind of day Pro Modified racer Chad Green envisioned.

Pro Modified racer Chad Green was uninjured Sunday at Bristol, Tenn., climbing from his Camaro after its parachutes didn’t deploy and slid upside down into the sand trap.

The Midland, Texas, driver lost his second round and control of his Camaro. After Green crossed the finish line, the parachute failure prompted him to jump on the brakes. His nitrous-aided car then toppled over onto its roof and skidded across the track – in front of Rowe – on its roof into the sand trap.

“The parachutes didn’t come out. I got on the brakes hard, and it just spun me around,” Green said.

Sunday evening, Green made the call to his chassis builder Jerry Bickel.

Bickel recalled the conversation.

"Chad called and said is it possible to get my Corvette back together," Bickel said. "I said, 'No, it's not possible but we will do it."

The Corvette was the car Green started the season with but severe tireshake forced him into the wall during the semi-final round of the NHRA Gatornationals in March. Fortunately for Green, Bickel had a Chevrolet Camaro available and he went on to the next race without missing a beat.

Green entered Bristol ranked sixth in Pro Modified points, and despite the mishap moved up to fourth in points.

Green will not miss a race as Bickel and his team burned the midnight oil to prepare the Corvette for this weekend's Summit Racing Equipment NHRA Nationals in Norwalk, Ohio.

The chassis on the Corvette was already repaired, but the sudden need pushed Bickel and his team into overtime to prepare the motor mounts, accessories and wire the car.

Bickel said the Corvette will either be silver or in gel-coat depending how close they push the car to the deadline to be finished.

"We'll repair the Camaro, and have it ready soon, but right now it's all hands on deck for the Corvette," Bickel said.