I wouldn't have given us 21 days to make it, much less 21 years. But here we are at the age of adulthood, still killing it.

CompetitionPlus.com has become a way of life for our dedicated team. Our way of life has been in traveling the globe to bring you the latest drag racing news daily, sometimes hourly, and bringing news you can trust.

CompetitionPlus.com first launched on September 15, 1999, to 100 readers - a number we can see now in a minute. How did we make it this long? Simply put, because of you - the reader, our advertisers, and a band of journalists, photo-journalists, and videographers dedicated to ensuring CompetitionPlus.com goes above and beyond what you demand in a media outlet.

There have been many firsts we've brought to the industry, and you know it - so we don't need to list them all. We had had ups and downs along the way, but we have stood the test of time through it.

When you operate a dedicated news site on the Internet, every day is a deadline. It's as if it like dog years for us at times, actually making us 147 years old. Clearly, that's an exaggeration, but sometimes at the end of 18 hour days at the track, it's how we feel.

It's been a battle and God-willing we will keep showing up for the fight, knowing we have the GREATEST readers there, fighting alongside us.