Steve Matusek never passes on the chance to discuss his favorite class – Pro Modified.

Friday afternoon during the NHRA Heartland Nationals, Matusek participated in the first-ever Pro Mod School with Brian Lohnes, a gathering designed to introduce the intricacies of drag racing’s most volatile race cars.

This is the first time there has been a town hall style of event focusing on the Pro Modifieds since they first entered NHRA competition in 2001.

“I think it’s great for the sport because it gives the fans an inside look at what’s happening,” Matusek said. “It takes some of the rumor mill out of the equation and it gives them some insight on what happens behind the scenes. Not just from mechanically and technologically but also from racing these cars on Sunday.”

Matusek said the gathering was important because all too often it’s taken for granted that everyone knows what Pro Modified is about.

“We live in our own world, right?” Matusek asked. “And sometimes you can’t see the forest through the trees so I think it is important to be able to sit down and describe some of the nuances of the cars.”

Matusek said getting chosen to participate in the first Pro Mod School has been a flattering experience.

“We’ve been working really hard over the years trying to get this class to grow and trying to maintain the momentum that we’ve created,” Matusek explained. “It feels good that the NHRA is reaching out and wanting to expand the class and utilizing some of the drivers, team owners, and crew chiefs to explain what these cars are all about and what we’re trying to accomplish.”