David Hakim photo courtesy of Mopar

Attending the NHRA Finals at Pomona is one of the last official acts for Dale Aldo before he retires as director of motorsports marketing at Chrysler.

And Mopar-supported drivers Allen Johnson, Jim Campbell, Leah Pritchett, Tommy Johnson Jr., Ron Capps, Matt Hagan, and Jack Beckman shared in his send-off celebration Saturday.

Aldo has worked with Mopar trackside for 10 years. He was a part of six championships in the Pro classes, seven if Capps wins, as well as the 2016 Manufacturers Cup.

His enthusiasm for drag racing extends beyond his own Mopar drivers. He said diversity is a huge feather in the NHRA's cap.
"Another thing that's nice about drag racing is the gender equality," he said. "You see Courtney Force and Erica Enders and Karen Stoffer and Melanie Troxel. It's amazing that you see that. So it's not just a bunch of guys. You see women out there competing and winning, and it's more exciting.
"I have a daughter. We have wives and sisters and mothers and it's good to see women competing equally with men. It's really a very wonderful thing," Aldo said. "And Antron Brown and Erica Enders have won recently. It's a nice diversity. It excites people. And it's inclusive. If nothing else, drag racing is inclusive."