MotorManiaTV (MMTV) added a new dimension to their capabilities by building a portable production unit capable of being shipped anywhere in the world and then sending a crew to produce an event.  MMTV CEO Mark Walter said “this basically removes any geographical restrictions of our ability to deliver the best streaming drag racing has to offer at virtually any location world wide”.
MMTV worked with David Anderson who built and Produced the NHRDA’s Diesel TV production unit to put together this portable kit.  Diesel TV was built as a unit to be portable and utilize track facilities as a base of operation for production, unlike MMTV’s fully self-sufficient mobile production units.  

“David Anderson’s experience and knowledge was the key to making this deal happen, given the time constraints we had to get it operational” said Walter.
Currently the unit has the ability to stream a four-camera feed, provide CGI graphics, slow-motion instant replays, sponsor commercials and spotlights just as the main units do.  

“There is capability to expand this unit easily to a 6 camera solution within the 7 containers that it currently ships in” said Anderson.  “The total weight of the complete package tips the scales at about 350 pounds and is easy to setup/tear down”.
Sending a brand-new unit 2000 miles and setting up for the race presented its share of challenges for the 2 person crew of  Anderson (Producer) and Hank Silver (Camera) but with the help of Mark Walter at the home base they were able to broadcast it with minimal issues.
“We had a few issues on Friday night with the audio on the feed but got it sorted out quickly and then had an equipment failure that caused a loss of a camera for Friday but we were able to diagnose it early Saturday morning and get it back up” said Walter.  “We were able to deliver a virtually flawless stream to our viewing audience on Saturday and we’ll refine the unit before it’s next stop in Mocksville, NC at Farmington Dragway for the Money Tree Top ET Triple 10’s over Labor Day weekend.”
MMTV’s parent company, J-Angel Productions, has streamed over 450 events since its inception in 2009 and is based out of Warner Robbins, Georgia.  For info please call 478-238-1537 or e-mail [email protected]