Rocker Meat Loaf made a hit song out of singing, "Two out of three ain't bad."

Saturday at the 50th annual Amalie Oil NHRA Gatornationals, Pro Stock racer Rodger Brogdon was singing a similar tune.

Brogdon, since returning from a hiatus from racing, drove to his second No. 1 qualifying effort in three races, recording a 6.490 elapsed time at 212.43  miles per hour behind the wheel of his Elite Performance-prepared, RBR Machine-sponsored Camaro.

"It's my team ... I've always been able to drive a race car," Brogdon said. "The hardest part has always been having enough horsepower and a good car. Richard Freeman is incredible. He puts me in a fast car every weekend. You can only do as well as what you have to work with."

Brogdon's decision to return to Pro Stock this season appears to be a right place, right time opportunity. With the decision by the NHRA to reduce the number of scheduled Pro Stock events, the two-time Pro Stock event winner knew he had to respond.

"I came back because the opportunity I needed was there," Brogdon explained. "I am so busy at home; I still work about 80 hours a week with my construction and manufacturing companies, and I have other ventures I am working on. We made a really good arrangement with Richard Freeman and Elite Performance. It was just an opportunity I couldn't pass up."

The big picture, Brogdon says, is that the Pro Stock landscape is on the upswing.

"Everyone can see that is happening," Brogdon said. "This has worked out fantastic for me. I couldn't have aligned myself with a better team to race with."

Let it be known, Brogdon has said with his actions more than his words that he prefers to be part of the solution to reinvigorating Pro Stock, than one of those who sits back and lets it die. He spearheaded an effort this weekend to present one lucky fan with $5,000 in cash for getting an event shirt signed by as many Pro Stock drivers as possible and then posted to social media with the hashtag #ProStock4Life.

"We are nothing without the fans," Brogdon said. "I'm looking forward to rewarding one. Personally, I've signed more autographs than ever, and I don't even have a hero card. So what does that tell you?"