Donald “Duck” Long, the most famous promoter of drag radial racing, doesn’t race a Radial vs. The World car, but says he has been around this style of racing to know what can and can’t be done.

Fresh off of a mega-successful Lights Out 10 event last weekend, he’s not about to hear that the nitrous combination cannot be competitive.

“Let me be clear about the nitrous situation,” Long said on Tuesday morning during a Facebook LIVE presentation. “I’m tired of hearing what can’t be done. I know what can be done, and this is a fact. Last time the nitrous guys said that they couldn’t compete. F****** Stevie Jackson came out there and slapped everyone around like they were a bunch of school kids. That’s a fact.

“He came out there, and I heard nobody in the world could run with Stevie Jackson anymore because he’s the baddest m’fer in the world. Now all of a sudden, we just don’t have the right people out there yet to make it happen.

“Let me assure you of something. If Stevie Jackson says he can go a 3.62 in a nitrous car, he can go a 3.62. David Wolfe also said the same thing. Whatever a PDRA car can go [3.60s] on a 34.5 (tire) and wheelie bars, you can do that or better with a radial tire. The radial tire is a superior tire. Just because you can’t do it, doesn’t mean it can’t be done.”

Long is fed up with the negative energy.

“I’m fed up with that s***,” Long said. “Right now a nitrous car can go low 3.60s, but f****** Pat Musi is too much of a p**** to bring Lizzy’s car out there and show everybody. He’s crying about the rule makers. I’m not coming out there to race boosted cars, and this and that. Don’t be scared Pat, drag that m’fer out here. You could have been dominating this class for five years.

“If you bring out a 2,250-pound car which Lizzy’s car is and everyone can get to that are the top people, they can run up front. But just because they are hiding out over there in nitrous versus nitrous, trying to beat up on Jerry’s Kids, don’t mean they can’t do it. That just means they are too scared to put it in the beams.

“Let me assure you. Bringing me Lizzy’s car at 2,250 pounds and hand it over to Stevie Jackson, I will guarantee you that car goes low 3.60s at 208 – 209 miles per hour. Don’t show up with a nitrous car that goes 197 out the backdoor and tell me you can’t run with guys when you have Lizzy running 209 out the backdoor. Don’t bring me a car down 500 or 600 horsepower with the wrong jets in it and tell me that it can’t be done.

“The only reason things can’t be done is when you don’t have the right people trying them. When it does happen, and it will happen. I guarantee you I’m gonna wait for an apology on the starting line. I guarantee you, you bring in the right s*** and it’s going to going that fast.”

Long is convinced PDRA Pro Nitrous champion and Musi customer Tommy Franklin can run low 3.60s on radial tires.

‘I’m so tired of hearing how Pat Musi hates promoters and rule makers,” Long said. “Why don’t we just put the car in the beams. Let me get this right Pat; you have no problem selling Radial vs. The World racers nitrous engines for $125,000 apiece, but you won’t put that m’fer in the beams to show us what it can really do. You sell people engines that go 202 miles per hour, not 208 – 209 miles per hour. So bring me one of those 208 – 209 mile per hour motors. I’m sure they are supposed to be the same. Right, Pat, I’m sure.

“Bring me two of those motors and step aside. Put your tuneup in it. Whatever you’ve got for power that you want in it. And step the f*** aside.”

Pat Musi admits he was an interested spectator for Long’s social media commentary and offered some sage advice.

“He better stick to promoting, because he don’t know jack s*** about racing,” Musi said. “Is that plain enough? He’s good at what he does, and I am good at what I do. It’s best for him if he sticks to what he does.”

The bottom line, Musi bringing out his team to race Radial vs. the World, in simple terms he says, “ain’t gonna happen.”

Musi says he refuses to race the rulebook.

“I will not race a different power adder with Lizzy’s car,” Musi explained. “I’m gonna race Pro Nitrous, that’s what the car was built for. I’m not changing my combination. Any of those guys want a shot at Lizzy; they’d better bring a Pro Nitrous car. Period. End of story. Don’t even ask me anything else."