The Drag Radial world has been abuzz with controversy regarding the legality of the 3.59 elapsed time recorded by nitrous front-runner Jamie Hancock during the Holley EFI Outlaw Street Car Reunion at Beech Bend Raceway in Bowling Green, Ky.

Promoter Tyler Crossnoe negated all runs including the historic 3.59 on Monday evening.

Drag racing timing system expert Bob Brockmeyer, the founder of the Compulink Timing System, said Crossnoe without a doubt, made the right decision.

Brockmeyer spoke with Beech Bend track manager Brock Porter

"The guard beam was inadvertently turned off," Brockmeyer explained. "We generally run the guard beam on Pro Stock and Pro Mod cars, Comp Eliminator and Top Sportsman-type cars, the PDRA cars. anything low that leaves hard. Some of those cars can have the rocker panel on the ground. It sounds like there were two or three cars dragging the stage beam.

"We can take those cars, run them through tech and it will say they have three inches of clearance and are good all day long."

Brockmeyer says one can analyze the numbers over and over, but they all add up to one thing.

"There wasn't a timing problem," Brockmeyer added. "there were plenty of bracket cars [which do not require guard beam] there that had no problem with what some are saying was a lazy photocell."

Bottom line, the race to the 3.50s for nitrous cars is still very much up for grabs. Brockmeyer said he will need to study the rest of the sheets to determine what those runs should have been.

"Those are not legit runs," Brockmeyer said. "Tyler DQ'd those runs appropriately."