The day has come. By the time the moon hits its high point of the night later today, somebody’s life will be changed forever with their win on the Friday main event at the K&N Spring Fling Million presented by Optima Batteries.
To start off the day, every racer on the property, regardless of whether they are Million Dollar race entrants or not, are eligible to take part in the special Brodix Run For The $100,000. With a dial-in on their car, the person with the best package; a combined reaction time along with the amount over their dial; earns that person a new set of Brodix SR20 cylinder heads worth $5,300. Second place receives $2,000 in cash and third place a free entry into the 2018 Spring Fling Million, a $2,000 value. However; and here’s where the good part comes in; the first person to score a perfect run (.000 reaction time and dead-on the dial) receives not only the Brodix heads but also $100,000 paid right on the spot.
As is usually the case, the action was heavy as door cars ran first which by the time they were done, the leader in the clubhouse was Matt Diamond carding a two-pack (.002 package) with David Beedy in second with a four-pack.
The continuation of Thursday’s Racepak eliminations began half-way through the Brodix Run For The $100,000 time run with Rayce Kidd receiving the bye run, Gordon Boven and Troy Williams battling it out with Boven using a .004 package to move on. With that run, Boven also earned himself the bye run in the semifinals to move him right to the final round. Finally Johnny Ezell and Sean Shaffer came to the line with Shaffer continuing on. Ironically all three racers hail from Idaho so they should be familiar with one another.
For that semifinal round, Shaffer and Kidd matched wits and cars with Kidd taking the win to advance to the final to face Boven where Kidd scored the win on a double-breakout affair and the $20K which goes along with it.
“I have been dreaming of this moment since I was ten-years old,” said Kidd, who received probably his best birthday present when he turned 21-years old two day prior.
Now back to the main event where the really big money will be divvied up with once again, one person receiving life-changing money. Besides the money; which at this point stands to be $230,000; the winner receives a great trophy, along with the accolades coupled with a limo ride for a night at the Cosmopolitan Hotel as part of their Million Dollar experience.
First up was the final for the Pro 32 racers after which that person will be seeded into the seventh round of the main event. Justin Lamb has another chance to improve on his runner-up finish on Wednesday as in the Pro 32 final, he’ll face off with Randy Biddle. In that race, Lamb’s hope ended with a red-light; actually there was a dual red-light with the Spring Fling TruSTART deciding the race with Biddle the less (if we can say it like that) red of the two.
For the quarterfinal round, six cars remained; Val Torres Jr., Bobby Dye Jr., Lane Dicken, Luke Bogacki, Michael Pennington and Biddle is seeded into that field. With the semifinals awaiting them, Biddle, Pennington and Bogacki advanced with Bogacki the lucky recipient of the bye run in the semis which puts him right into the final round against either Biddle or Pennington. A true footbraker off the bottom bulb, Biddle’s “bid” came up short against Pennington to move the Texas racer to the final to face Bogacki.
Like two great champions, Pennington left first with a .012 reaction time however, Bogacki wasn’t far behind with his own .014. And in true championship fashion, both racers ran dead-on their dial, with Bogacki .003 closer for the win. In an interview earlier this week, Bogacki said, “This is the one thing I’ve never accomplished in my career so far.” We guess he can cross this off the list now.
“Anyone who knows me,” Bogacki said afterwards, “knows I’m rarely at a loss for words, but I am right now. I had a feeling this morning it was going to be a good day.”
One more day left and another $20K ready to be handed out.