(8-7-2006) - For drag racers, it’s burnouts, shifting gears and parachute pops – but this weekend in Martin Funny Car driver Mike Ashley will be moving to a different beat, adding his own creative flair. Along with his Sponsor, Evan Knoll, Ashley and his team were involved in the shooting of a music video with a drag-racing theme.
Having captured the attention of all drag racing fans with their “Go Hard or Go Home” song which is featured on NHRA POWERade drag racing telecasts on ESPN2, The Formula Project will compile drag racing footage for their new rap/hip-hop song “The Choice.”
Ashley was so impressed with the Formula Project the first time he heard their song that he jumped at the opportunity to become one of the band’s sponsors.
“I fell in love with their songs the first time I heard them because the lyrics embrace everything I believe in life  -- whether it’s in racing or whatever you do,” Ashley said. “Our team marches to the beat of those lyrics and I know Evan Knoll and the Torco team does the same. That’s why I got involved in the project.”