Take a trip with CompetitionPlus.tv via You Tube to 1973.
This was not exactly an easy time in American history. The cost of a barrel of crude oil increased ten-fold, and the gas companies then passed on the price increase to the consumer. The controversial U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War drew to a close. Even the Professional Racers Organization went head to head with the NHRA's Labor Day tradition in Indy with a professional only race in Tulsa, Ok.

However, on one Sunday afternoon, in Muncie Ind., all was well in the world. At least it was for those who made the trip out to Mid-America Raceway for the IHRA Northern Nationals. One look at this video and you will see just how far drag safety has come since then.

According to noted drag racing historian Bret Kepner, this clip is taken from the repackaging of Bud Lindemann's Chicago-based "Car & Track" syndicated TV series which aired from 1968-1975. Speedvision rebroadcasted many of the original shows from 1993-1997. This nearly 10 minute video has Top Fuel racers Dick LaHaie, Paul Longenecker, Dale Funk, Pat Foster, Jim Paoli and Al Hanna.