I agree with Larry Morgan. With the rules now being the same for so many years a nice change would be the drivers to build and race their own engines. How do you limit outside money though? Now is the time to tell Pro Stock guys that they will be running small blocks, efi and cowl hoods in two years. Let them eat up the money they spent and lay off their equipment and start stockpiling new. - Wayne Roatche

Interesting POV but racing has always been about the d*** money, there are some legends of the sport out of the game because of the filthy lucre. The days of racing are numbered anyways I'm sure... - Steven Blowers

Any Pro motorsports adventure is a money driven machine any more. Even at the local level the sportsman guy with the big $'s is more likely the winner. The good old days of run what ya' brung and built are gone. I admire guys like Morgan who are willing to go out and play the game and bump heads with the guys who jut have the money to play with and not worry about the next day’s dinner. WJ is another one that has the guts to do the work and go race. I guess I am an old dog and have a hard time with all the new tricks, all hooked up to $'s –Phil Scala

You could take his words and apply it to so many classes in racing. Especially the marketing and sponsorship part. It’s a broad subject. However the key is a sponsor is reading your articles and providing them with insight.  The article confirms many issues for the company and opens up many others. I am just thankful that your web page is out there and doing great work in telling drag racing stories.  It’s (your editorial staff) the water, the dirt and the sunshine of our sport. Thank you –Steve Johnson 


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