Back when much of this planet was covered in ice. That period in history is referred to as the Ice Age. At the point the glaciers started to recede do you not think that was because of global warming. I have to listen almost everyday to someone about "global warming". In 1980 I lived 10 miles east of Miami, OK. In July and August it was above 100* for 33 or 34 straight days. Look it up.  The danger to this country is not global warming. It is the "leftist/communists" who are using this scare tactic to try and criple our economy. We have 300 million people in this country. China has 1 billion and India has almost 800 million. Do you really believe that we have more effect on the environment than they do? Volcanoes spew out more ozone than we do every year.  Let's get a grip here and stop this freight train. That is trying to wreck the world economy not just our's. The terrorist's want us back in medevial times. Let's not help them. - Jim Pierce