The BG Speed: A constant-duty Fuel Pump for Hot Rods and Trucks

The BG Speed is a new constant-duty fuel pump from BG Fuel Systems designed for hot rods and trucks with power outputs of up to 650 HP. With two models available—Enduro (carburetors: PN 171005) and Sumo (fuel injection: PN17106), these compact, quiet, fuel-cooled pumps have a built-in heat sink to dissipate heat. They can be mounted horizontally or vertically and contain no shaft seals; therefore, are virtually leak-free.

The Speed pumps feature Gerotor-style gears, contain micro-fine cleanable stainless steel filters with a dry-break design that prevents fuel from leaking while inspecting or servicing the filter.

Constructed from billet aluminum with anodized coatings applied to all wear surfaces, the Speed pumps produce in excess of 325 lb/hr @20 or 45 PSI. BG Speed pumps should be used in conjunction with a bypassing fuel pressure regulator.

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