TCI® PRO-X™ Powerglide Shorty-Style Transmissions Now Available

New “shorty” style Powerglide transmissions feature three different planetary system choices designed for dragster applications

TCI® automatic transmission-equipped racecars have been setting the pace at drag strips across the country for years. TCI® PRO-X™ Powerglide Transmissions with shorty-style planetaries are the perfect transmission for many dragster applications. Available with 1.76 VASCO Helical-Cut or 1.80 or 1.65 Straight-Cut 12DPI Shorty Super Set Planetaries, these state-of-the-art transmissions have proven more than capable of dependably sending dragsters to mid-six second quarter mile times at well over 230 mph. The secret to the success of the TCI® PRO-X™ Powerglide Shorty-Style Transmissions is in the high-quality internal components created after years of in-the-field testing. These technologically advanced transmissions feature the Turbo Spline PRO-X™ Ringless Input Shaft, 10-Clutch Hi-Gear Bearing Drum Kit and the HDT™ (Heat Dissipating Technology™) Coated Dedenbear Bearing Case. This highly dependable, triple-checked and AxiLine computer dyno-tested TCI® transmission includes the best of all race-oriented parts, including the TCI® PRO-X™ Ringless-Style Gerotor Pump and X-Wide Kevlar Band, HDT™ Coated Aluminum Deep O-Ring Pan and Hi-Flow Filter System to ensure proper fluid circulation. For more information about the TCI® PRO-X™ Powerglide Shorty-Style Transmission or any other TCI® product, call us at 1-888-776-9824, or visit us online at