TCI® Street Rod Shifter Is Designed For Serious Street Rod Enthusiasts

Attractive and functional, new TCI® shifter fits unique demands of street rod interiors

Street rods are unique. Featuring compact interiors and unusual control placements, street rodders are often forced to fabricate their own shifter parts for their “special” situations. TCI® understands these challenges and has come up with a great solution with their new Street Rod Shifter. Available for Ford, GM and Chrysler automatic transmissions, the new TCI® Street Rod Shifter can be purchased with 8, 11 or 15-inch handles. Best of all, the shifter features 360-degree handle rotation, making the shifter lever easy to reach and able to be adjusted to increase driver-side leg room and avoid seat or dashboard contact. In addition, the black anodized shifter knob is easily removable for simple boot installation.
The new TCI® Street Rod Shifter features high-quality, gold-iridized brackets, a Teflon-lined shifter knob button for smooth operation and positive lock out in Park and Neutral shift positions. The TCI® lifetime warranty and detailed installation instructions make this the best way yet to solve your street rod’s shifter dilemmas. When ordering your TCI® Street Rod Shifter specify the transmission type, lever length and, for GM 4L60-style transmission applications, the number of tail shaft attachment bolts (four bolts denotes a 4L60/six bolts denotes a 4L60E). For more information about the TCI® Street Rod Shifter or any other TCI® product, call us at 1-888-776-9824, or visit us online at