DMPE Inc. Supercharger Gel Lube and Remover

Darren Mayer Performance Engineering Inc. adds to its ever-growing list of specialty supercharger products by manufacturing the first specifically designed Supercharger Lubricant and Lubricant remover.           

The DMPE Inc. Supercharger Gel Lube provides a better performing supercharger by addressing Teflon wear and leak path control.  While extended Teflon / Nylatron wear through proper lubrication extends supercharger performance longevity, the Gel’s ability to cling to the rotating rotors and internal parts also increases the efficiency of the unit by filling up the clearance between moving parts. It tightens the seal between rotor to rotor, and end frame to rotor clearance, thus allowing the supercharger to increase efficiency by reducing leak paths.

This also reduces costs by decreasing time between overhauls. The gel lube is not affected by methanol like many supercharger lubes, therefore provides a better, longer lasting seal.

The Gel Lube Remover was specifically manufactured to remove the above lubricant.  The lubricant was designed to hold up to most all solvents and methanol, allowing the lube not to be washed away from the rotors, rotor bores and internal supercharger surfaces.

Because of this it requires a “remover” to cut the supercharger gel at time of re-striping.  It is important to remove all traces of the lube from the Teflon grooves so that the Teflon does not pitch itself out of the rotors after overhaul because of any remnants of the slippery lubricant.

Once all the rotor stripping is removed from the rotors, the dovetails should be sprayed with the remover to ensure removal of all gel lube.  The Teflon is then pulled into clean dry grooves (dovetail) and the supercharger can then be re-assembled.

After the supercharger is re-assembled, liberally apply the supercharger lube into the rotor cavity. We suggest that it is applied once a day, usually on first start up. For more info and pricing please log onto