RatioTrax is now available from Ram Clutches

Ram Clutches has now released the RatioTrax software for Lenco Transmissions in a joint venture with Performance Software Technologies. The software allows you to quickly calculate transmission ratios, percentage drops, final drive ratios, and tire growth. Multiple gearing combinations can be compared simultaneously.

The software will accommodate CS1, CS2, and CS3 transmissions built in two through five speed configurations. The program can be fully customized so that you can build your own inventory of planetaries and rear end ratios to fit your specific application.

This program is a must for any team wanting to optimize their clutch/transmission package to changing weather and track conditions. After extensive testing it is being utilized by many of the top teams in IHRA including Tony Gillig, John Montecalvo, and Pete Berner.

The program is available on CD or can be downloaded at www.ramclutches.com/store/software. The software can be download and demonstrated free of charge for 30 days.

For further information contact: [email protected]