90 Degree Intake Elbow for Turbo & Supercharged Engines

elbow1.jpgBULITPRUF by FAE has announced a new 90 degree intake elbow for turbo & supercharged engines that use a carburetor type manifold. The elbow incorporates many innovative designs. Three Patents have been applied for. First is a smooth transition from a round throttle body to the square carburetor flange of the manifold. Second and most important is a series of aerodynamic devices, which turn the air 90 degrees without turbulence or restriction. These devices ensure that the air distribution to the manifold is uniform from front to back and side to side. All the cylinders get an equal shot of the incoming air. And it flows more air than the standard elbows on the market. 1620CFM @28”. It uses a standard Ford 105mm throttle body and is drilled for either 4150 0r 4500 carb bases Call


For more info, visit their web site at www.bulitpruf.com