Quarter-Max and RJ Ra-Max Race Cars are known for providing top-notch products and vehicles for a wide range of applications from street machines to the worlds quickest Pro Mods. Today Quarter-Max adds to their product line up with a new beefy option for their favorite rear end centering device. 

Their best-selling QM Extreme Pro Series Wishbone Kit is now available with an even larger and stronger billet 4130 1-1/4" OD slide tube option. This is a 25% increase in slide tube diameter over their standard 1" billet 4130 Pro Series slide tube. The upgrade doesn't stop there, as the kit now also features a larger 4130 heat treated 3/4"-16 rod end (the same spec that is used in their 4-link bars) for the center slide tube to provide extra strength over the standard 5/8" rod end. 

"As drag racing cars continue to quickly evolve with more horsepower and more violence to the chassis and suspension, we saw a need to provide an option to provide extra stability and strength for racers who want it. We've tested this on few cars already with great success, including Erica Enders and Stevie Fast's NHRA Pro Mods", said Rickie Jones.

Click here https://quartermax.com/extreme-pro-series-wishbone-kit-1-1-4-slide-tube/  to learn more about this product. To see the full line up of chassis and racing components available from Quarter-Max visit quartermax.com.