Hyperflow Performance Products are made from Premium T6061 High-Grade Aluminum, Double Anodized, Double O-Ring for the BEST Seal & BEST Appearing Performance Fittings in the Industry.

HYPERFLOW has a selection of Hose End Fittings, Adaptors, Braided Lines, Fuel Cells, and Tools, plus a bunch of Specialty Race Products. They have a wide variety of colors to mix and match ·

Titanium Gray MEGAFLOW Billet Series Hose Ends in sizes from

o 6an to 16an

o Straight

o 30 degree

o 45 degree

o 60 degree

o 90 degree

o 120 degree

o 150 degree

o 180 degree ·

Adjustable Wrench for hose ends in sizes from

o 5” (3an to 8an)

o 7” (3an to 12an)

o 9” (3an to 20an) ·

Wheelie Bar wrench with ruler

o 3/4 wrench with 7” Ruler

o 15/16 wrench with 7” Ruler ·

Aluminum Racing Fuel Cells

o 3mm Aluminum

o Spin On Aluminum cap (6 Bolt)

o O-Ring weld on fittings

o Foam Filled

o Mounting brackets

o 1 Gallon

o 2.5 Gallon

o 5 Gallon

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