Strange Engineering has been an innovator in drag racing brakes for over 20 years. From developing lightweight brake components, directional calipers, and superior brake pad compounds, they are now proud to introduce the next step in braking technology. 

The Strange Engineering 2 piece rotors utilize a unique floating rotor design that allows for axial and radial growth as temperatures increase.  The field-tested lug design reduces warping and coning tendencies of the rotor. In addition, spiral lock retention eliminates the possibility of loose bolts and the need for safety wire as well as reducing rotating weight. 

The Strange 2 piece rotors can replace existing Strange rotors or upgraded into any of our front or rear brake kit assemblies.

Part #’s
B2794 – 2 piece 11 1/4” rotor - $194.67 each
B2786 – 2 piece 10” rotor -  $192.50 each

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