New Butterfly Drag Racing Wheel is Strictly Business

The S&W Performance Group recently revealed their new butterfly style drag racing steering wheel. The design was driven by the need for a more reasonably priced unit. As with all products, the challenge was to reduce manufacturing costs without sacrificing performance, and that’s exactly what their engineering, design and production team accomplished. 

This is the latest addition to S&W’s full line of in-house made competition products. Their new wheel shares the same size, shape, and material as their popular polished butterfly wheels, to maintain structural integrity. Each steering wheel is waterjet cut from 3/16” thick aluminum, formed and tumbled to provide a uniform surface and smooth edges. Owners can apply a finish that best fits their personal style/theme, or they may choose to keep the natural aluminum appearance. The durable 3D Printed plastic grips are pre-installed using 10-32 screws, and offered in your choice of Blue, Black, Red, Orange or Gray. They also feature holes for mounting a 4 bolt pattern steering disconnect. Available options include custom grip colors and button mounts. In addition, grips can be purchased separately.

“Many of our customers have expressed a need for this wheel,” said S&W's President, Michael Weney. “This new cost-effective alternative, to our highly polished butterfly wheel, will be well received and it is ready for action.”

Cost: $89.99

For additional information, visit www.swracecars.com