Patti Barrett, who along with husband Bill Barrett sponsors Scott Weis' dragster, shared with Torco's Competition Plus an explanation of what caused the explosion with the car near the starting line this past Sunday during the final Top Fuel qualifying session at Indianapolis.

Bottom-end specialist Steve Prince and cylinder-head builder Frank Mazzarrelli suffered minor injuries and were treated and released by track emergency medical personnel.

She said the team since has learned what likely happened to the Barrett Enterprises Dragster.

"I read the notes about Scott's explosion," Patti Barrett said after conferring with team members, "and we all have decided that it would be best to set the record straight.

"We did, in fact, back the motor down (wish it would have been that simple) as we always do. We did everything right. We are certain now, after much investigation, that there were no leaks, et c.," she said.

"After the incident, other crew chiefs came to our pit and told us that there is a ramp on the set-back blower manifold that holds fuel and ultimately drains into the No. 5 cylinder. They all told us the procedures that they have now begun using after they, too, had explosions. We will be begin doing the same thing in order to eliminate the left-over fuel," Mrs. Barrett said.

"It is a blessing that no one was seriously injured. We wish that someone had shared that information prior to the devastation."

Weis was unqualified at the time, and the incident prevented him from making a last-chance pass. - Susan Wade