JA3_6118_copyTOO OLD—That’s Bullcrap-


I will never buy another Fram product! - Jim Bellotti

You have to give the guy credit. He is still willing to work with the team after being stabbed in the back. What does age mean any way?

Look at the Greek he is out there. So will Cory. He has the know how to get the job done.  Just my .02 - Dave Granger

I agree completely, he has always been the best, and that's my Final Take.  On a side note, I'll never buy another Fram product as they've just said with Cory Mac's release that they want a young market, which I'm not part of at age 55. - Bill Anderson

I will have less of a opinion of FRAM after this episode getting rid of Cory! By the way-I am 55 years old. - Eddie Mcdow

No question, not that I use Fram or Honeywell products now but I'll make 100% I never will and I'll be sure to pass it on to as many folks as I can. Cory, should sue them for discrimination. Any other company in the US would be. He got shafted and it's a shame, Fram Honeywell should be ashamed. To Don Schumacher, good lord man, grow a set. - Darrell D Allison

I think you do great in and outside your hot rod. Sometimes you don’t know what your future brings. There are many of us fans of yours that are out of a job, including myself after 22years. Never thought it would happen. I hope that things turn out for the best for such a great driver. - Richard Stec

I understand the ups and downs of the changes that goes on in racing. Cory Mac still has a lot of good years left in him as a driver. This year he showed that by beating Tony a few times. I guess if Antron Brown would have done the same he would be out of a driving job to. If Tony starts getting beat a lot next year by being out driven will he be replaced?  Good luck Cory Mac. Hope to see you driving again real soon. - Stanley Wilcher

This "out with the old-in with the new" mentality that has been embraced by ALL of racing (see NASCAR) is exactly why I have become so disinterested in the sport that I love to begin with. Every recognizable name/face/personality that put NHRA on the map has been shoved aside by the latest "up and coming" young driver. Not saying that the sport shouldn't always be looking for new blood, but not constantly at the shoving aside of those who made it what it is today. This started in NASCAR with a young kid named Jeff Gordon. Admittedly it was a cool, progressive eye opening thing at the time. Now look at both sports. Where have all the big name veterans that put BOTH sports on the map gone? The only connection that either the NHRA or NASCAR have in common with their "glorious past" is what their respective marketing agencies drum up from old pics and film. Maybe I rant like a grumpy old man, but I'm not (early 40's). I just turn on the TV anymore and say "Who the hell are all these kids?" - Don Dunbar

I think Cory is a great driver that should have stayed in the Fram car.  Before Schumacher had the team, Cory drove this car.  I think if he wanted out he should have been able to pick his replacement.  I hope he goes somewhere and wins a championship and lets them know they made a mistake. - Art Pettinato

That is just too bad.  Cory is an excellent driver and more than likely will be like Mark Martin. Two dang great drivers that may never win a championship. Of course, I am older than Cory Mac, so reckon that means I won't be purchasing any more air filters from Fram. Good Luck Cory. - Mark Elms


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