Holley/MSD has released OEM-Style EFI 255 LPH Fuel Tank Modules, which are a direct replacement for your factory pick-up and sending unit and make it easy to convert your carbureted fuel system to EFI. There's absolutely no need for any modifications or fabrication, and you don't have to get a whole new fuel tank. You can even retain the factory fuel hard line – just connect the outlet of the pump module to the hard line on your vehicle with EFI-rated fuel hose and hose clamps such as Earl's Vapor Guard.

The in-tank fuel pump is a high-pressure 255 liter-per-hour unit capable of supporting EFI-equipped engines up to 550 horsepower. The module includes a pre-calibrated fuel-level sending unit designed to work with the factory fuel gauge already in your car or truck. A Holley HydraMat is included that maximizes available fuel at the pickup and also acts as a pre-filter. Fuel pressure is regulated internally and preset at 58 PSI, eliminating the added expense of an external fuel-pressure regulator and eliminating the need for a return line – all return fuel is handled right inside the tank.

They're currently available for first, second, and third generation Camaro and Firebirrds (1967-69: 12-300, 1970-73: 12-301, 1974-1981: 12-304) as well as 1964-67 and 1968-72 Chevelles, Malibus, A-Body vehicles, and El Caminos (part number 12-302 and 12-303).

For detailed product information for Holley's complete line of retro-fit in-tank fuel modules, visit https://www.holley.com