With the 2019 Legends of Nitro Calendars ready to deliver, Stith Printing continues to give back to the drag racing community. In the fourth year of printing, the Legends of Nitro calendars pay tribute to legends that have recently passed away. We are remembering their innovations and stature within our sport and supporting the current racers who entertain fans of North America.

Two Legends of Nitro calendars have just been released featuring Nitro Funny Cars and Fuel Altereds. The 2019 Legends of Nitro calendars pay tribute to nitro pioneers Steve Plueger in the funny car issue and nitro guru Dale Emery in the fuel altered version. These two originals have left their mark on the racing community forever.

The calendars feature photography of a current crop of NHRA Heritage Series nitro funny cars, traditional fuel altered, as well as legendary racecars from a select group of dedicated drag racing photographers. “Every year we are thrilled to be able to create and then give away these calendars away for free. The support we’ve received from so many trackside photographers makes it all possible and is a tribute to their work which is seldom seen in print.” said Legends of Nitro owner Kevin Stith.

The Legends of Nitro Calendars are offered free from Stith Printing with only a $6 charge for postage. Order a pair of the 2019 calendars by calling (800) 490-8333 or email [email protected] and request yours today.