clip_image002.jpgWhen Mike Edwards and his Young Life team developed “A Team on a Mission” and “Sending A Kid To Camp” program for the 2005 season, none of them knew how far it would reach into the racing community. Now entering its third year, the program has sent nearly 300 kids to a Young Life camp, and for 2007 Edwards and his team hopes the program far exceeds that number.

“We knew the racing community was a giving bunch that would do almost anything to give those not as fortunate as us a chance at something better,” Edwards said. “That is why we started this program and now it is accomplishing just that, giving kids some hope for the future.”

For 2007, Edwards will be carrying a special logo on his car that shows his support of the progam. This will hold true for all the fellow NHRA racers who join forces with Edwards in “Sending A Kid To Camp” as each will carry the bright green decal.

“From the beginning, we knew we can only help a small group of kids,” Edwards said. “But as the racing community continues to give more, the lasting impact is more far reaching in not only building a better tomorrow, but a connection to motorsports.”

As part of “Sending A Kid To Camp,” for every round of competition the Edwards and other race teams which are part of the progam win during the 2007 NHRA schedule, each will donate enough funds to send a kid to a Young Life camp.

“All us go to each race wanting to get the maximum points and we do so by winning,” Edwards added. “This is a true win-win situation and the kids are the real winners.”

For 2007, Edwards hopes to reach new heights with the program. “We want the ‘Sending A Kid To Camp’ program to have drivers from all levels of NHRA competition, manufacturer’s, and corporate America making the pledge to send a kid to camp for every round won on the race track. As a racing family, the sky is the limit on how many lives can be impacted through such a program and I just hope my fellow racers, car owners, and the entire racing community can join us to achieve what this program can accomplish.”

To date, drivers V. Gaines, Kenny Koretsky, Jeg Coughlin, along with team owner Evan Knoll, Torco's and W.W. Engineering have joined the “Sending A Kid To Camp” program for 2007.

To join the program, contact Mike Edwards Motorsports at the track or by calling (918) 486-6453.