Miller Electric Mfg. Co. has been named the “Official Welding Equipment supplier of Cagnazzi Racing”.

"With our in house chassis fabrication department it is important to have the best welding equipment in the industry," Dan Pikarsky, Team marketing Manager said. "Our Chassis department takes pride in the workmanship as well as the craftsmanship on each race car chassis we build. We don’t have an assembly line operation here at Cagnazzi Racing, we hand fabricate each part of our race cars in house. When it comes time to secure the pieces with smooth welds and proper heating for maximum strength and safety we choose Miller Welders. "

Miller Welders will be used throughout the Cagnazzi Racing operation from the chassis department, to the engine department, and the machine shop.

Miller joins the family of partners at Cagnazzi Racing starting in Richmond, VA this weekend.

To learn more about Miller Welders products visit www. or see the sponsorship page at www.