It took a few weeks to happen, but the finals of the rain-postponed Palm Beach NHRA Sport Compact Nationals from Moroso Motorsports Park were completed at Old Bridge Raceway Park.  The event was completed during qualifying of the NHRA Sport Compact Fallnationals presented by Toyo Tires.


Ron Townsend (Pro FWD), Paul Efantis (Modified), and Ron Lummus (Hot Rod) joined Gary White (Pro RWD) and Norris Prayoonto (Honda Tuning All Motor) were winners of the event.  White and Prayoonto were able to clinch their Wallys in Florida before the rains cut the event short.


Townsend (Torrance, Calif.) collected his first career Wally by simply staging his car.  His opponent, Jason Hunt, had broken two vertebrae in a car accident a few weeks earlier.  Despite this situation Townsend still sent his car down the track to a time of 8.63 seconds at 155.24 mph.


“It feels great to get my first Wally,” Townsend said.  “I saw Jason there even if he was not there.  I hope he gets better soon.  I also want to thank Steve Bothwell.  To get two wins in one day (Teammate Lummus won in Hot Rod) is just incredible.  It takes a lot of effort from a lot of people like Ed Hanson, Karl Wallers, and Dave and Bill Hardesty.  Now, I have just as many Wallys as my 17 year-old daughter.  We can have two Wallys for the mantel.”


Efantis collected his third win of 2006 and his 14th career win.  He ties Jesus Padilla in second place for career wins on the NHRA Xplod Sport Compact Racing Series and puts him just one behind Matt Scranton.  Efantis, with his Little Dooey’s Bar-B-Q Toyota Solara, fought off the tough Jorge Lazcano with a winning time of 7.51 seconds at 181.42 mph.


“It’s another win for Little Dooey’s,” Efantis said.  “The car performed well and gave us a good chance to make up points.  We aren’t too far back with only two races left.  I want to thank Jim Justice Racing Engines, Pro Port, Precision Turbos and Full Race Headers for giving me help.”


The winner of Hot Rod was Lummus.  Lummus gained his fifth win of 2006 to give him13 career wins.  He had an easier time of winning than he originally thought.  His opponent Stephanie Eggum broke her transmission on the starting line.  Lummus finished with a time of 8.14 seconds at 177.53 mph.


“First of all I want to thank my wife Shelly,” Lummus said.  “It felt good for the team to get the win.  We really need that because it’s getting close.  I know how Stephanie felt because I have been there before.  I want to thank all the super guys on our team for making it look easy.”