Finding sponsorships in NHRA Top Fuel racing is never easy.

Gary Leverich Racing & Audrey Worm Racing did land something to help their 2018 season progress.

On June 20, Edelbrock announced Worm as the latest addition to Team Edelbrock Racing.

“I am really excited to be able to represent Edelbrock and work together to Outrun Parkinson's Disease,” Worm said in a press release. “We’re really excited to be supporting Audrey and her team for the rest of this season.”

Worm is currently driving the Leverich family dragster that is wrapped in Team Fox and OutrunPD. These causes are focused on bringing awareness to Parkinson's Disease to help raise money for the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's research. Worm’s goal is to raise a million dollars for Parkinson's Research.

Don Barry, Edelbrock’s president and CEO is thrilled to be working with Worm.

“Both Team Fox and OutrunPD are great causes that deserve attention and Audrey is the perfect driver to do this,” said Barry in the press release.

During Labor Day weekend 2017, Worm obtained her Top Fuel license and competed in one national event at her home track in Maple Grove, Pa., losing to Doug Kalitta in the first round.

Worm made the jump from driving a Nostalgia dragster to piloting a Top Fuel dragster.

This season she has competed in Top Fuel in four races so far – Gainesville, Fla., Charlotte, N.C., Atlanta and Topeka, Kan. – and is 19th in the points standings. Worm is returning to the track this weekend to compete in the Summit Racing Equipment Nationals in Norwalk, Ohio.

Worm said her team will race in at least nine national events this season with the remainder being in Epping, N.H., Indianapolis, Charlotte, and Reading, Pa.

“Depending on how the rookie of the year contention is looking, we might go to the season-ending race in Pomona, (Calif.),” said Worm, who is from Grantville, Pa.

The last time out at Topeka, Worm suffered a concussion during the third qualifying session and had her weekend end early.

“Our clutch line broke and it sent it into immediate tire shake and it rattled me around a little bit,” Worm said. “That was the first time I ever had anything like that happen. When I got back to the pits and I told my dad that I didn’t feel good. I had a very intense headache and I was nauseous in my stomach and I told my father to go get an NHRA doctor because something didn’t feel right. They did the whole test and asked me questions and I had a slight concussion and I couldn’t rest.”

Worm said her team will have a new and improved roll cage when it competes in Norwalk.

“We just returned from Michigan (June 17) and we got the new ISP (roll cage padding), more like Force’s with the wider padding,” Worm said. “We will be good to go.”

Worm has simple expectations for Norwalk.

“We are going to try and get in the show, because we saw that there 19 cars,” she said. “We want to get in the top 16 and hopefully go low 4s to high (3)9’s. This year has been awesome. We have been able to upgrade our stuff and get more parts and we now have Edelbrock onboard, so we should be able to get more parts and become a little more competitive and run more races like we want to do. Hopefully, we will be able to do the 12 races next year and we are thinking about doing the full 24 races in 2020.”

The crew chiefs for Worm are Gary Leverich and her husband, Aaron Grant.